About Us

JNL Stainless Inc. has over three generations of experience in the food service industry. We understand what is needed to make your stainless steel project come to life. Commercial Stainless or Residential Stainless, we offer both with competitive pricing to get the best investment you can afford. We also offer commercial stainless installation and residential stainless installation.

We excel in commercial and industrial applications of stainless, but over the past years, stainless steel has now found a place in people’s homes. We as a company began to adapt to this new trend of clients to meet their high demand of stainless steel. From our low end clients to our high end clients, we treat every project with the same respect and quality stainless.

Below are just the few clients we have served over the years in our business. The corporate identities reproduced in this website are registered trademarks of their respective corporations.